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MTYG Wrap-up
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Another year of MTYG has drawn to a close. Author reveal was a fun delight -- I haaaaate publically guessing, but I've always got a few guesses in my head (most of which were so, so wrong). Wilde Stallyn and I were each other's Santas, which is pretty fun -- I'm well pleased with the story I got, and it's nice knowing my Santa was someone I got to give a gift to!

I wrote cigarettes & sunrise, and it was... an interesting process. My first MTYG, I ended up coming up with a pretty clean and simple process, and I ended up being really, really happy with The Kirkpatrick Guide to Aging Gracefully. Last year ended up being a lot more rough, since writing the middle got... convoluted. I ended up compounding my writing problems this year, but I'm pretty happy with how I worked through it. Despite needing an extension yet again.

Random facts about my MTYG story:

-It ended up getting overhauled... two or three times. A lot of feedback I got mentioned it was weird/confusing at first. Y'all have NO IDEA. The original version? Was so, so weird and confusing. Initially, it wasn't a dream world. It was two different, actual realities, and AJ was slowly losing his grip on where he was (he'd forget what lyrics/songs were right in the universe he was in, etc). There'd be a period of grogginess right after he woke up for the first part of his day. The problem I ran into was, near the end of the story, I realized that A) I had two or three HUGE plot holes, and B) the moment I realized that, technically, the only way I could figure to end it resulted in no one being happy and possibly the entire destruction/dissolution of one of the universes, according to Bus School in-universe physics. While I had a lot of fun writing it, when I to the end, I realized I was too depressed by the ending for a holiday exchange, and I and I had no idea how to fix the big plot holes (amusingly, I figured out almost all of them while rewriting). I just couldn't make the plan work, so I went back to the beginning to poke some things and the concept.

-This issue was because originally, a big point of conflict for AJ was whether he was willing to fuck over Nick's life for the sake of his own, and what you would do for someone who is a brother in your heart. There was actually a LOT more Chris originally, because he was the one most noticing that AJ was cracking up and he ended up finding about AJ's universe jumping well before Nick, and got all protective of his man (that's the part I regretted cutting the most, but I couldn't really make it work with the changing it into a dream).

-It had AJ and Kevin having another confrontation or two when AJ couldn't remember the right lyrics.

-JC at the end was originally gonna be Howie. Then I decided I wanted Howie and Brian's relationships to stay as they are, and said to myself, "Self. If someone were trapped in a weird dream alternate universe where they had the peron they always wanted in their bed whenever they wake up, who would that happen to? Let's be real, it'd be JC or AJ or Nick. TIME TO COMPLETE THE TRIFECTA."

-I absolutely had a plan who JC is dreaming of at the end. >:)

So that's some stuff from my long MTYG process.

MTYG is a thing. :D
Ocelot Ocelot!
So count me in the group of 'slowly reading MTYG in order to savor' because honestly, my life does not have NEARLY enough popslash. And December always reinforces that.

But I'm about 2/3 through, and very sad about that fact. But my recipient liked her story, so that is a weight off my shoulders because I pretty much live in terror.

I am so very pleased to have gotten Walls Closing In from my beloved Santa, because London house! And AJ and Nick! And feeeeeelings about Kevin's return reflecting into their lives! And Dad-to-be!AJ! All of these are good things, and I was well-pleased, and I do send my thanks out to my Santa. Wherever they are in the internet, I heart you. Even if I'm a little concerned that you went into my brain to find out things that totally hit my buttons.

I am assuming everyone out there has read Frozen Dreams already because. Well. AJ and JC and an ice cream parlor. I had no idea that was a thing that needed to be in existence and that we were sadly bereft of, until it existed. All the boys are so damn awesome in it, and I just can't get over how much I love Kevin in it. I have a thing for weird-perfect-hot-enviornmentally-conscious Kevin in AUs. It is that epic balance of humor and feelings and putting-the-fun-in-dysfunctional-relationships that is so, so good in popslash.

And the story to all of us, Wardrobe Malfunction, is an awesome gift because it is hilarious. I may have made some pathetic stupid wheezing sounds during it. And y'know. Brian/Nick is the OTP of my youth, and my young heart will never quite give that up.

Also, there is Bases Loaded. There is a baseball AU. You know what is awesome? Baseball AUs. (literally, my home office is decorated with a mishmash of boyband and baseball, it makes everyone else weirded out. Which is why it is in my home office where I have to give zero fucks about other people's opinions.) Gruff-Chris-the-catcher is pretty much awesome. This story left me so pleased and giddy because yes. It uses the tropes of baseball AUs so well, and yes.

So those are some of my feelings so far.

That was a dumb idea.
Ocelot Ocelot!
I totally thought, coming into this year of MTYG, it'd be the year that I didn't have to ask for an extension.



I probably should have listened to the voice in my head a couple weeks back that was all "Dude, you're writing yourself into a weird plot place. You're gonna regret it and have to change and rewrite it later. STAHP IT."

Voice in the back of my head, you are so smart.

Huzzah for extensions and caffeine!

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Aaaaaaaaaaaand I just reached that moment of writer's block on my MTYG story + panicked anxiety that the person I'm writing for will hate it.

Must be December.

In which I remember I have an LJ.
Ocelot Ocelot!

Bring it on. >:)

(I tell myself that THIS will be the year I don't have a last minute panic about it. Yeahhhhh.)

(I did a different pairing than I expected/usual, because I was giving myself a fit about waffling between what pairings to go with, and I just now am like 'WHY CAN'T I LIST A BACKSTREET, CROSSOVER, AAAAND NSYNC PAIRING? feeling. I blame BSB's adorableness over the last year, distracting me from my Deep Love of JC)

Two BSB thoughts.
Ocelot Ocelot!
1) There's been so much hate thrown around at This Is Us and it makes me sad, because I do like the album, even if some of the songs are weak. And at the end of the day, it gave us the song "This Is Us" which is in my top ten and, as a Nick girl, is basically vocal porn to me. My life is better for the existence of Nick's part in that song. I mean, damn. And seeing him hold that note in person? Ovaries, BOOM.

2) The next time we hear "I Want It That Way" sung live, it'll be Kevin doing the Kevin part again. This just hit me today and I realized that apparently Kevin coming back hadn't actually sunk in yet.

MTYG reveal day!
Ocelot Ocelot!
I feel like a loser.

I really, really meant to write more feedback on stories (and, y'know, READ THEM ALL), but this year... I've had one day off since Christmas. And so I've just been swamped and I was gonna yesterday but fell asleep and I just feel *bad* because I got some out but not as much as I intended because it feels so nice to get feedback. :( So even though reveals have happened, I still want to send out a little more feedback to make up for my loserdom.

I am so, so tired. I'm grateful to have so much work, and so much overtime lately, to pay for the 30000000 weddings I'm going to this year, but I'm just so tired all the time. Ugh.

I will, however, as a loser, still post a pair of recs even though reveals have happened, because I will be sad at myself for not.

From the Ashes -- Brian/AJ -- I know this has been getting a lot of rec-love, but I'm gonna toss in some too, because I love superpower AUs SO MUCH and this one really takes a fantastic and slightly different spin on it and I consumed it like sweet, sweet candy.

Make It Rain -- Kevin/JC -- Magic Mike AU. I feel like that is all I need to say, because MAGIC MIKE AU. I kind of have... uh... a thing for Magic Mike. <3 And sometimes sticking close to a different plot for a crossover can be difficult or awkward, but this just made it work sooooo nicely.

Note: There were hella good fics this year, I just suck and am not done reading them (seriously, I've had "With a Sprinkle of Fairy Dust and a Slap on the Butt" open in my browser for over a week and haven't had the chance to read it, dammit life stop getting in the way)

Reading, reading, readiiiing....
Ocelot Ocelot!
I am not nearly as far as I'd hoped to be at this point in terms of making my way through MTYG fic. I only really had the 25th off work, so I've been getting no sleep and no fic reading. D: Totally against the holiday spirit!

I am SO happy for my story, a lovely little story of Nick/JC delightful fluff that warmed my heart in this cold season. So whoever out there wrote This Youthful Heart Can Love You, thank you!!

Hopefully I will manage to get it together enough to make some recs before the reveals.


Happy holidays!
Ocelot Ocelot!

I don't have a lot of holiday traditions, but watching that music video and putting on Love Actually are totally now traditions in my life.

The holiday is over, the food is eaten, presents opened, and a very odd and bittersweet Christmas is over with. I was the Good Daughter this year, and I'm pleased with that (if not as much as my mother). This year has been kind of shitty, so I'm looking forward to embracing 2013 with open arms and open eyes. Most of my resolutions for 2012 went to fucking hell so I am totally putting a few back in effect (actually getting some fanfic done next year, I'm lookin' at you)(and you, get-a-new-goddamn-job)(and the whole 'move' thing)(oh, and make some single friends, jesussssss)(seriously, three more engagements in the last week. I'm going to 5 weddings next year and already 2 for 2014. On top of this year's crop. I AM THE LAST SINGLE WOMAN STANDING, I NEED LADYCOMPANIONS).

Now, however, time to grab a beer and curl up with some MTYG stories. I still have some mixed feelings about my own, since there was stuff I wanted to do with it that didn't happen because December punched me in the face with RL, but I'm never really happy with anything I write, ever, so yeaaaaah. That could just be me being unable to accept things.

It warms my heart, knowing there is popslash in the world every December.
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